Top Lead Development Initiative (TLDI) was created to fill the gaps that has made living a meaningful life a dream.

We have observed with dismay that a society that neglects her youths and fails to invest in their education, especially the less privileged, would have to deal with the consequences of ignorance.

Today, it has become a norm to the society to have young people grow up without the basic knowledge of the working world. The result is devastating.  With ignorance as their bliss and first language, they become the unsolicited class of society, without wisdom and understanding, tyranny becomes the order and those underutilized minds resort to vices, violence and oppression of society.

The development of leadership contributes greatly to the positive development of young people and their communities. Helping young people develop leadership competencies makes them better able to solve community problems and enhances their civic participation (O’Brien &Kohlmeier, 2003)

That’s why at (TLDI),we are committed to providing youths and young adults the moral leadership education required to revive and re-orient their character and person. As you are already aware, education is development. It creates choices and opportunities for people, reduces the twin burdens of poverty and diseases and gives you a stronger voice in the society.

For nations, it creates a dynamic workforce and informed citizens, able to compete and negotiate globally; opening doors to economic and social prosperity.

At (TLDI),we are passionate and committed to developing and equipping young people for community and global impact.

intended to produce young adults who are accountable, socially adaptable and strengthened in their leadership skills

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